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Our Stevedoring team is backed by expert knowledge, experience and competence in handling all kind of Dry Bulk, Break-Bulk, Projects and Heavy-Lift Cargo. We work closely with our clients and provide bespoke services as demanded by Vessel Operators, Vessel / Cargo Owners, Charterers, Specialist Forwarders and Project Managers alike. Our in-house logistics capabilities ensure seamless, cost effective and prompt movement of cargoes, irrespective of its nature, shape, size, weight and location of the cargo.

Following are our capabilities:


  • Unloading of Dry Bulk Cargo using Ship Gears or Shore Unloaders
  • Shifting of Cargo to Storage Area at Port / Warehouse
  • Water Sprinkling facilities for Coal/Coke
  • Bagging Services for delivery by Rake or Road
  • Coal, Coke, Cement, Fertilizer, Sugar, Copper Concentrate, Gypsum, etc.


  • Unloading of General Break-Bulk, Heavy-Lift, ODC Cargo using Ship Gears or Shore Cranes.
  • Fleets of Cranes and Forklifts for Receiving and Handling Cargo at Wharf side.
  • Fleet of Trailers for Shifting of Cargo from Wharf to allotted Storage Area / Client’s Storage Site.
  • Fleet of Heavy Lift Equipments for Tandem operations.
  • Facilities for onboard Lashing / Securing and Dismantling of Cargo.
  • Dispatch of Cargo from Port by Rail / Road.
  • Storage Area for Imported / Export Cargo inside Port.Steel, Granite, Coated / Uncoated Pipes, Glass, Machineries, Project Cargo, etc.


  • Fleet of Front Loaders, Dumpers, Grabs, Trucks and Trailers.
  • Forklifts with lifting Capacity from 3 tons to 35 Tons.
  • Specially Designed Forklifts for Handling Steel Coils and Steel Sheets.
  • Shore Cranes with lifting Capacity up to 100 Tons.
  • Rail Mounted Gantry Cranes with 45 Tons lifting Capacity.
  • Weigh Bridge inside our Warehouse / Storage Facility.